Marijuana Abuse Rehabilitation

Dried flowers, leaves and seeds of the Indian plant is known as Marijuana. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US. People consumed Marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. People think marijuana is not harmful and is non addictive in nature. They start using marijuana on regular basis and get hooked to the drug. Though use of marijuana has been legalized in many states in US but it is still controversial.
According to a research 14.4 million have used marijuana at some point their lives i.e. every third person in the US has used marijuana. Marijuana can be eaten, inhaled or smoked, or consumed in liquid form. People consume marijuana in cookies, pastries and other edible items. Marijuana creates a strong high, euphoria, dream like situation etc.

Accessibility is high and marijuana is easily available throughout the country. High availability and low threat perception make marijuana the widely used drug. A person’s dependency on drug increases with every single use and he/she becomes addicted to marijuana.

Long Term Effect

Long term use of marijuana has severe mental and physical implications on the user. Physical problems like poor health, breathing problem, pregnancy issues, increased heart rate, slowed reaction time, disorientation, etc. Marijuana addiction severely affects the mental health of addicts. They usually face mental problems like hallucinations, temporary paranoia, anxiety and more.

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

When a regular user stops taking marijuana, he starts to get withdrawal symptoms like craving, irritation, depressed, hyper reactive, chills, fever and other. Severity of symptoms depend on the duration of use. Longer the time period stronger the withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Several treatment centers across the US treat patients for marijuana addiction. Both residential rehabilitation program and outpatient rehabilitation program are available.

Inpatient Treatment Program

Long term use of marijuana develops addiction and disrupts the brain functioning. Residential treatment program are most suitable to severe condition of such people. Inpatient treatment is highly effective for marijuana addiction. Rehab centers offer program for 30, 60, 90 days and some programs can be of longer duration depends on the severity of addiction and condition of the addict. In some cases patient had stayed for up to years in rehab.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Some patients want to stay with their family and continue their professions along with treatment for their addiction. In an outpatient program one can attend the program for few hours and then can continue his daily routine.


Cost for marijuana addiction treatment depends on treatment center. Usually every treatment center has different cost structure. Many rehabs do not accept insurance and patient has to pay by self for their treatment. It is recommended to check with insurance company to know the scope of insurance cover.