Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction has become an epidemic in the US. It has wide spread reach in the country and is easily available throughout the nation. Heroin is an extremely strong painkiller and used by people as a substitute to prescription pills to treat their pain. Heroin is an opioid that is synthesized from morphine it is more potent than morphine. It appears as a white powder in its purest form or brownish white or brown or black depending on the additives. It could be injected, inhaled or snorted, or smoked. Heroin gives a euphoric effect that makes it highly addictive.
Heroin is also consumed for recreational purposes. According to a research 4.2 million Americans (aged 12 or more) have used heroin at least once in their lifetime. As per estimations 1 out of 4 users becomes addicted to heroin.
Usually users do not know the purity and quality of the available street heroin. They generally procure the more potent heroin or fentanyl that is far more potent than heroin. This is one of the most important reasons of overdose deaths. Many people die of heroin overdose because heroin they buy is laced with fentanyl.

Long Term Impact

Long term use of heroin leads to dire consequences like collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining and valves, abscesses, constipation, and liver or kidney disease. The poor health of the abuser can cause different types of pneumonia also. The additives used in heroin do not dissolve many times and cause clogging in blood.
Heroin detox and Withdrawal Effects
Heroin addiction treatment begins with detox. When the user stops taking the dose, the person begins to experience withdrawal symptoms, i.e. restlessness, body ache, pains in the bones, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia etc.

Street Names

Big H, H, Brown Sugar, Hell Dust, Smack, etc.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

There are several heroin rehabilitation programs across the US that provide quality treatment for heroin addiction. There are two sorts of program inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient Treatment Program

There are many Inpatient heroin addiction treatment programs available in the country. Usual length of stay ranges from 30 to 120 days and up to one year or more in some cases. The residential program is more effective than outpatient program. The patient is under the care of specialists 24X7. Cost of treatment differs from one treatment center to the other.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Most people initially use heroin to treat pain. They live a normal life and continue their professions. Outpatient treatment program is good for such people who want to continue their day to day life. In outpatient treatment, patient has to spend 5-6 hours in treatment daily prior or after the office. Outpatient is less expensive.

Cost of Treatment

Cost of treatment depends on treatment centers. The pricing of each treatment center is different and depends on services availed. One needs to check with the insurance company regarding insurance benefits for treatment before taking admission. Some treatment centers are not in network with insurance companies, one has to pay out of pocket for the treatment.