Dual Diagnosis

Most of the times people suffer from mental illness due to alcohol or drug abuse. This condition is called COD (co-occurring disorders) or dual diagnosis. There are several reasons of developing COD like people with autism or other mental illness find refuge in alcohol or drugs to overcome their problem. Dependency on alcohol or drugs also triggers mental health issues in abusers.
Dual diagnosis treatment process is more complicated because it requires attention to alcoholism or drug abuse as well as to mental health issues. There are several dual diagnosis specialized treatment centers in the country.

Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

It depends on the patient’s condition, if the patient has severe mental illness and drug or alcohol dependency, then the patient needs to go to the inpatient program. During inpatient program patient has to stay in the center and is monitored 24*7. The success rate is quite high in an inpatient treatment program. The patient does not get the chance to meet his family often. Dual diagnosis rehabs are very comprehensive and intense, patient has to attend therapy daily.
Outpatient treatment programs are less disruptive and favorable for those, who cannot take extended off from their work or job. The patient can attend treatment for a few hours before or after their work. Outpatient is less intensive, but it is less effective also.
Inpatient treatment program usually lasts for 30 days to 90 days and in some cases it can last for months.
The patient will have to check with his insurance company that whether they cover dual diagnosis treatment or not. In most cases the insurance company covers some part of the treatment.