Crack Cocaine Rehabilitation Program

Crack cocaine is different from cocaine, though it is as potent as cocaine and effects on mental and physical health are also same. It makes cracking sounds when heated, that’s why it is named CRACK. It is smoked and is pure from 75% to 100% that makes it more potent. It is also cheaper than cocaine. When one smokes crack he gets an instant and intense high that lasts for about 20-30 mins. The drug is so potent and addictive in nature that one can become addicted even after single use.
During a research 6.2 million, which stands roughly 2.8 percent Americans aged 12 or above admitted abusing crack in the past year. Earlier it was the general perception that crack is only abused by criminals or poor people, but the fact is it’s quite popular with students and professional communities.
Crack rehab starts with detox and it needs to be done under professional care. The patient gets severe withdrawal symptoms like agitation, depression, nausea/vomiting, paranoia, from crack which lasts for many days. As patients have a high dependency on crack, that’s why inpatient program is recommended. The patient is under comprehensive care during inpatient program and treatment professionals are available 24*7 for help. If the patient has some personal/family commitments, then he can choose an outpatient program.